Scandals in Kpop

This scandal involved an idols face appearing on the spoon while eating a meal at another female idol’s house.

Most of the “scandals” that happen in Kpop would be a reason for us to rejoice, because they are mostly dating “scandals”. Imagine if your two favorite Kpop idols dated, would that not be great? Well not in Korea. It has become better recently when idols confess that they have been dating, the public now understands better than previous times. Most of the idols would rather keep the identity of the person that they are dating a secret for his or her safety. That idol’s fans may be crazy enough to hurt that individual that he or she maybe dating. Also, companies know how passionate Korean fans are, so they fear if it was made known that the idol is dating his or her popularity will decline immediately. This happened with the member Seven. He was dating an upcoming actress for over nine years, when photos of them together were leaked online by an unknown source. This was hell breaking loose for the known singer. The public’s reaction was not that great, but after a while he lost many fans due to him being “taken” by someone else.
This also happened when a photo of the singer, IU, was pictured with another Kpop idol, Eunhyuk, from the popular group Super Junior in her house in a seemingly harmless photo. She tweeted the picture to her followers by accident and ever since then she has been called a “whore” for having him over, and there were rumors of them dating. for more information about this please visit:

Iu and Eunhyuk’s Scandal

Many of these kinds of incidents happen, but there are also sexual assaults, sexual harrassment and rape scandals that happen in the Kpop world. These for obvious reasons end the idol’s careers. It is mostly the CEOs of the companies that are involved in these kinds of horrendous acts. Many sexually harass their trainees and Kpop idols. Unfortunately, they are caught after many years of doing these things continuously. This happened with the Open World Entertainment CEO. For more information on this please visist:
It is interesting to see the difference between America and Korea when it comes to scandals. What we may consider normal, they consider scandalous.


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